terribleUgh, yesterday.

So on Sunday morning, I decided to get up early and make a run to Target for a few things that I needed (wanted) to buy. When I came back home, the hoarder handyman had his pickup truck out there all in the middle of the parking lot and backed up to his trailer. I guess he was loading some more junk into it.

What really pissed me off was that it gave me limited space to park my car! You see, I like to take a parking space that’s not next to any other vehicle. But because the hoarder handyman was in my way, I was forced to park next to the crappy white ford of one of my annoying neighbors.

I should mention though, if there any ANY bright side to this story, the hoarder handyman FINALLY moved his U-Haul truck! It’s actually been moved for a while, but I’ve been afraid to get to excited about this for fear that it would return. But nope, hasn’t come back yet! But of course, his trailer is still left behind…ugh!

Later that morning, I made a grocery run. So there I was, unloading my groceries and taking them inside. On the way back to my car to get another load, this guy I’ve never seen before is calling out something. I realize he’s talking to me and I’m thinking to myself, “Oh great, what does this guy want?” And then he says to me, “Do you have a cigarette I could bum off of you?”

Um…really? You are asking ME this question? Do you even KNOW me? Do you know how much I despise cigarettes and their stench? Do you even know how anti-smoking I am?

Furthermore, I feel insulted that he thinks I’m a smoker in the first place! I told him, maybe just a little harshly, “No, I don’t smoke!”

What is with people lately? Why are they sooo annoying?!

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A case of mistaken identity: the freeloader


Before I begin this blog, I must admit that I was mistaken about my neighbor. It turns out that it wasn’t him yelling and carrying on a while back. It was his roommate! Although in my defense, their voices actually do sound a lot alike. Oh, but I still don’t like that guy. Even though he wasn’t the one yelling and screaming, he was smoking a cigarette outside today and that of course, always pisses me off.

In order for this post to make sense, I should tell you about my neighbor’s roommate. I’m not sure if I have mentioned him because I don’t see him all that often. It used to be that there were two guys that lived upstairs, but one of the guys moved out (probably with his girlfriend) and thus, the manchild neighbor needed help paying rent.

One day, maybe about a couple of months ago, a mysterious bike appeared under the stairs. Now, part of this area connects to MY patio, but since I don’t keep my bike there (I keep it inside), I decided that I did not have a problem with this.

At first, I thought the bike was my neighbor’s, but then one day, I saw this strange guy getting on it and leaving, so that was when I realized my neighbor had a new roommate. Actually, my first impression of the roommate was that he was a homeless man. His hair is gray, long, and he had this dirty looking backpack. He just had this strange kind of desperate look about him. And I thought to myself that perhaps he had just locked his bike under there, but then when I realized he was actually going up and down the stairs, I realized he was in fact living there.

I don’t see this guy often at all, though his bike is almost always there. And I’ve never seen him in person. I’ve only spied on him through the window. I have, of course, heard him speaking. It’s surprising that his voice could sound so similar to my neighbor’s, but it does a little bit.

Anyway, back to today. So I come home from the grocery store and see my neighbor with his old roommate and they were outside smoking in front of my door, which of course pissed me off, but I digress.

So I go inside and come back out, holding my breath mind you, and get the rest of my groceries out of my car. When I come back, I am surprised to see two police officers there and the guys talking to them. I thought…okay…this is odd. Why are the cops here?

I only caught bits and pieces of the conversation, but from what I gather, my neighbor was stuck paying for a two bedroom, two bath and needed help paying rent. I don’t know where he got this roommate from, but at this point, he was regretting it. Apparently the guy was not paying his bill.


I also heard the word “psychotic” being thrown around. Which made me think of the yelling incident! It really did sound like someone had just completely lost it that night. It HAD to have been HIM!

So then, once I was inside, of course I stood by the door and listened for a few more moments. They were standing right outside so I could hear them. My neighbor was saying he was sorry he had to get them involved and that he was going to have to speak to the apartment complex about this. But from what I gather, they “can’t really do anything about this until Monday”. I also heard them talking about getting this eviction process expedited.

Whoa. This guy must really be bad news if my annoying neighbor is annoyed by him! I’m just glad I haven’t really had much contact with him. You know, especially since he’s psychotic and all…


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I knew I didn’t like this guy…


So last night I had just gone to bed when I heard a loud noise from upstairs. It sounded like someone was really angry. Not sure what I heard, but either it was the sound of someone slamming furniture against the wall or floor, or someone hitting a wall. Either way, it was really loud and repetitive.

Well at first, I just heard small bangs, then I heard the very loud bang, followed by the guy upstairs yelling, “YOU FUCKING BITCH!”.

Naturally, being the nosy person I am, I had to find out what was going on. So I placed my ear against the wall and listened. I was worried there was some sort of domestic disturbance upstairs.

For a few moments, I didn’t hear anything at all. But then after a moment or so, I heard the guy yelling again. Couldn’t make out everything he was saying, but clearly he was pissed off. He was saying something like, “You don’t have a job, you’re rude…”

I didn’t hear anyone reply back, and given the long pauses in the yelling, it was pretty obvious that he was on his phone.

So then I hear some more banging, and I listen some more. Then he tells the girl he’s talking to that she’s a liar. No, make that a “fucking liar”. Oh boy. Drama. *rolls eyes*

I decided after that that I had heard enough and was ready to go back to bed. But the whole experience made me really think about this guy upstairs. He has got some major anger management issues! When I pass him outside, he always acts nice, but I never really liked him for some reason. Either he would annoy me with his singing, or he would disgust me with his smoking. (Did I mention he’s a smoker? Can’t remember but yep, he is.) However, this is the first time I’ve really heard him get angry. You just never know what goes on behind closed doors, but sometimes, you can put your ear against the wall and get a pretty good idea.

I don’t think his girlfriend will be back over. Probably for the best actually. Sounds like she dodged a bullet with this guy!

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Pool Party


Ugh. I’m so annoyed with my apartment complex today.

Every now and then, my apartment complex comes up with these “community events”. I never bother to participate because usually it’s something pretty lame and I don’t care to socialize with my neighbors anyway.

A while back, we got a flyer about a pool party they were planning on having. They were going to have the pool open, hot dogs, a bouncy thing for the kids, and a DJ.

There are several things wrong with this. First of all, you plan to invite the WHOLE COMMUNITY to that little tiny pool? Is there even enough room for everyone to swim? Nope. There’s never any room when it’s not a pool party! I envy apartments or neighborhoods that have a nice big pool. It would be nice to swim in it but it seems every time I go, I have to swim with a bunch of screaming kids. And sometimes they force me to play with them when I really just want to relax and have them leave me alone. Oh, and they always want to borrow my swim toys too. You can’t leave them anywhere unattended otherwise some kid will snatch it

Second thing wrong with this party? Hot dogs. Really? Hot dogs? Ugh. I’m in my hating hot dogs phase so just the thought of one makes me sick.

I’m okay with the bouncy thing for the kids. Got to have something from having ALL of them in the pool at once. What I’m not okay with? The DJ! My apartment is all the way on the other side of the complex and yet, I can still hear his booming stereos! I guess I should be grateful I don’t live over by the office!

What pisses me off the most about this (other than the loudness factor) is that the DJ was supposed to be gone at 6pm because that’s when the party supposedly ended, but it’s past 6:30 and his music is still booming away! So much for having a peaceful Saturday!

One of the ladies in the apartment office called me today. I had some maintenance work done and she wanted to check to make sure the job had been done properly. Then she invited me to this “community event”. I told her I would not be attending because I had things to do, etc. Which was true. But seriously, if I go to the pool, I want to relax. And having a bunch of screaming kids and a DJ blaring his music for the entire neighborhood to hear is not my idea of a good time!

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Leash Your Stupid Dogs!


Ugh. My gross shirtless beer-belly redneck neighbor is at it again.

So I’m wearing my new work clothes and I’m crossing the parking lot on the way to my car when I hear panting and the pitter patter of little feet behind me.

The dogs.

Both of them are running toward me, but the littlest one is the fastest. My hands were full and I was trying to unlock my car and avoid having these stupid dogs jump on my NEW WORK CLOTHES.

I yelled “NO!” to the dogs, and I guess that’s what they respond to now¬† since their owner is always screaming that. They stopped and didn’t pounce on me, but they were just staring at me, anxious to get my new pants dirty.

The owner, who comes out wearing no shirt (does he even own one?) and starts yelling at the dogs. Doesn’t even apologize to me for his dogs’ bad behavior. I get into my car and take off.

And here I thought things were going so well. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a run in with these dogs. Wonder if it’s time to complain to the office about him. The last newsletter told dogs owners to make sure their dogs were leashed. Seems to me that he thinks the rules don’t apply to him.



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I don’t want to socialize. I just want you to leave me alone.


I’m in a really pissy mood right now. I try to avoid my neighbors. I don’t like to be in other people’s business and I would prefer they would stay out of mine as well. Now, I don’t mind a friendly hello once in a while or compliments on my bike (which I seem to get a lot), but carrying on a conversation with more than three sentences is pushing it.

I had just gotten home from work and was about to go on a bike ride when unfortunately, the guy upstairs happened to come down at the same time. Then, he had to make a comment.

Not hello. Not hi, how ya doing? No. He said, “It’s the neighbor I never see!”

First of all, that comment pissed me off, and if he happens to be reading this, I have a message for him. First of all, I don’t appreciate you implying that I’m some kind of agoraphobic, because I’m not. I may not want to socialize with the whole neighborhood, but I do get out of the house. Second of all, why do you care about my comings and goings? I don’t particularly want to see you that often because guess what? I don’t like you very much! In fact, I try to AVOID you! And third, I have been out every day riding my bike after work for the past week and I haven’t seen you! Do I care? No, I couldn’t care less.

Then, as an afterthought, he asked, “My music hasn’t been bothering you lately, has it?”

Has it been bothering me? Has it been bothering me?


I told him that I hadn’t noticed it in the last few days but that it did bother me at times. I think I caught him off guard. He was expecting me to say no. He started rambling about his woofers or whatever and how he gets in the zone with his music and he never knows if I’m home or not and blah blah blah.

LOLcat - Rosetta Stone

Okay, first of all, he didn’t apologize for the loud music. Second, he shouldn’t be playing his music that loud regardless if I’m home or not. I’m not the only neighbor he has. And third, he knows when I’m home! He know what I drive! He’s seen me get out of my car before!

He talked so fast and I was so pissed with his initial comment to me that I didn’t really get to tell him what I wished I did. Like George Costanza and the jerk store comment….just didn’t think of a comeback to say at the time. Eh, oh well. I don’t like confrontation anyway.

And to top it all off, he ruined my peaceful bike ride because I was fuming about the incident the whole time.

Maybe something positive will come out of this. Maybe he’ll finally stop playing his music loud for once.

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Parking Woes: Part II


Ugh, more parking woes.

Well for one, the Denali is back. I don’t know where it’s been for the past couple of months but imagine my surprise when I went to back up this morning and saw it. Couldn’t miss it you know. It was blocking my view. I thought to myself… “Now wait a second, this car is in my way and ANNOYING me.” You see, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it that I sort of forgot it. But then I realized… “Oh yeah, that’s the Denali. It’s back.” So now, once again, I can’t see when I back up because big butt is in the way.

But of course, this isn’t my only parking woe. The hoarder handyman is at it again. This time, he’s got a trailer parked next to his rusty old pickup truck, which of course, sits next to the U-Haul that hasn’t moved in over a year.

Here’s a picture of his U-Haul truck and one of his pickup trucks. Courtesy of Google Maps. NOT A CURRENT PICTURE! (It’s been parked there for that long…)


Oh, but back to the trailer. There’s at least one good thing. It’s not one of those open trailers filled with junk. This one is a covered trailer. I’m sure junk is still in it, but at least I don’t have to see it. But it’s been sitting there for a couple of weeks now. Even has a brick to prop it up. I don’t think it’s going anywhere for a while.

And thus…taken away yet another parking space from me.

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